Let me start from the beginning…

I started smoking when I was 15 years old. Of course, just like any other teen, I was looking for something new to experience and there were plenty of friends that smoked.  Yes, smoking at that age was bad but I can partially blame my father for smoking in the house and car with me inside.  I grew a taste for it.

Back then, I could get away with smoking a cigarette a day without too many issues with withdraws but then I turned 18 with the ability to buy. In 1998 a pack of smokes was just under $2 but now in 2015 can range up to $10 a pack.

Up until two years ago, I smoked cigarettes and then, I found electronic cigarettes.  The biggest promotions they lead:

  • Vaping an E-cig was a lot cheaper than smoking.
  • The taste of the vapor was pleasant and came in a variety of flavors.
  • You won’t smell like an ash tray.
  • There were no harsh cancer-causing chemicals compared to cigarettes.
  • You can vape anywhere. (i.e. in a restaurant)

At first, all these were promos were true.  Let me explain…

  1. Vaping seemed cheaper…at first.  A 30 ml bottle of E-cig juice was about $18 nationwide.  It was equivalent to a cartoon of cigarettes.  (A carton of cigarettes ran up to $50 depending on the location)  So, a bottle would last up to two weeks if utilized like cigarettes but experienced users will go through a bottle in a matter of days.  In my case, I vape around 50 ml a week and costing about $25.  If you add that up for the month, it comes out to about $100.  Would you call that cheaper?

2.  The taste was awesome…at first.  When you first start vaping it’s different and you’ll cough at times, but the flavor was delicious.  I first tried cotton candy and it was yummy.  I eventually went to sour apple…always loved that flavor.

As I got used to vaping, I noticed the flavor was slowly  diminishing.  I COULDN’T TASTE IT ANYMORE!  I thought my taste buds were fried or something terrible.  Long story short, I found the company that was supplying my E-juice was scrimping on the food flavoring to save money.

3.  You don’t ever smell like an ash tray, this is true.  I have been told I smell like a jolly rancher…no complaints there.

4.  No harsh chemicals…well, not entirely true.  E-juice is comprised of four compounds:  propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), concentration of food flavoring, and nicotine.

When E-cigs came out, glycerin (G not VG) was used but researchers are finding it to contain cancer-causing properties.  The funny thing is glycerin is the main ingredient for fog machines…fyi.  This lead society to VG, a vegetable based glycerin.  They called it “vaping organic.”

The most harmful concern is nicotine.  You can google the side effects of nicotine and it will astonish.  Alone, it is very bad for you.

5.  You could vape anywhere…at first.  I would be standing in line for a movie and I’d get weird looks and rude gestures from people.  The government is trying to regulate and tax E-juice like tobacco.  If that happens, it’ll drive prices up and regulate where you can vape at.  It’s coming!  On military installations, you have to utilize designated smoking areas and some airlines won’t let you do it in aircraft anymore.

My frugal response…

E-cigarette are a great alternative to smoking real cigarettes.  Is it 100% safe alternative…no, but too much of any good thing is bad for you.

Do I pay $100 for E-juice a month?

-HELL NO!  When E-cigs went main stream, vapor shops went up everywhere.  Why you ask?  Because it is inexpensive to make.  They mark it up 500% on the shelf.  MAKE IT YOURSELF!  IT’S SUPER EASY AND CHEAP…I mean frugal.  I pay $70 for a 5 year supply.  Yes, that’s true…5 years worth.  Vape shops are raping you guys.

 Where do I start?  I’m so confused on the process!

-When I first started venturing into the unknown, I went to youtube for some basics.  After the initial guidance, I had to find a supplier.  For me, the best suppliers are Heartland Vapes and then, a E-liquid calculator to get the mixture correct.  Yes, mixing at first will be trial and error.  I suggest using recipes first, then make it on your own.  You will find flavoring can get expensive…shop smartly and buy in bulk.

I’ve helped a few people save loads of cash on E-juice.  Hopefully, people get to read this and save money with me.

NOTE:  I don’t promote or get any money for promotions.  I’m simply showing you where to get started.  The rest is up to you.


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